Enter The Void [Prod.Freemind]

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thanks be to Produced by Freemind https://www.twine.fm/signin for this amazing beat lyrics: Enter the void this regime flows endless phantom menace with just two cents leave em senseless gage this introspection I confess this is inception of a collective stream of consciousness welcome to our chapter of music addicts anonymous for this relationship to remain fully innocuous and mentally prosperous the conglomerates connecting subconsciously ink spills like we slicing open arteries Renaissance men of philosophy who won’t let ego ever cloud the view of equality Or feed into the bullshit motivations of sovereignty warping societies understanding of democracy Even just to talk like me, is taboo for the industry so before they can get rid of me we’ll remove the finite from infinity find a less finite version of divinity underground hip hop ministry clinically cultured each thought is a sculpture my verbal waterboards beats it’s new forms of torture subjected to no single world order can't guard a mind which knocked down all the borders I embrace change in the name of enlightenment truth divides from lies in how it feels when we’re writing it should have the same effect when reciting it never tongue tied, already spent years biting it splicing genes separate the human half from machine guess which half reigned supreme OCD with my lyrical hygiene no order in compulsive obsessiveness check the recklessness of the head honcho storming out flows so break out the pancho ugly misfit but the styles muy guapo who know about the motto hitting the metaphorical lotto prize is in unexchangeable , this beast is untamable fueling off the sub stainable energy with the black market recipe for destiny got sick and made his own remedy what they got to contend with these emcees breezing fresher than the trees smokestacking tracks with ease the cyphers never complete vining with the streets staying hunger, nows the time to eat munching on villains like pac man but these ghosts still on my back man wonder how they got that far without a fraction of the passion we packing. never lacking or lagging on these joints we keep packed in the chamber. every plain rapper in danger never seen a stranger sounding stranger than when we pump out these bangers clear the battlefield like a tanker skills be danker than the shit thats plaguing the radio my cranium is a stadium where washed brained start draining and life becomes more than upkeep and maintaining #audio #Hip Hop

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