Disc Jocky Sachin
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Jaipur, Civil Lines, India
Last online: 1 year ago
DJ SACHIN was born on 05 may 1993 and prepared up in Jaipur (India), He started his musical journey at a young age of 15. Though he belongs to a very conventional and conservative family he has been very unconventional and enthusiastic and has bent the rules with his talent and free spirited attitude. His sound transcends various genres of music such as flirting with bollywood and Electro/Progressive house music and is popularly known for changing his music style to stand and adapt the need of the time, which has ensured a steady growth in his popularity and carrier. He has been playing since he was barely trained. He grew up in a profoundly musical Household. He is a completely self-taught DJ, updating himself with necessary gears by self earning. He had also been playing in many named colleges, private functions and in typical big fat indian weddings etc... He started his carrier as very low profiled DJ by collaborating himself with the local sound providers and for a year he learnt by them how to play consoles. Though he has been Dj’ing since last few years he have earned a good name n reputation in society. Improving his skills slowly and gradually, and is actually known for making the crowd groove on his beats of remix ,DubStep,EDM, Trap, house, progressive, bollywood and the list goes on. He started playing in local parties and soon blew up in Jaipur and began playing in all over Rajsthan. playing music live makes him upgrade and noisy….which can make enjoy the people….. He is working hard to provide quality music to the city and the nation. He is playing recently with top most hotels, clubs and private parties. He’s the In House DJ at Apple Inn & Area 51.... I have been playing there since 3 year as a dj , from that time i have been playing with lots of popular Dj’s and clubs like- .....- AREA 51 .....- DEVIRATAN ( Chakra bar) ......-RAMADA (The Fire ball ) ......-Apple Inn ......-JAIPUR PALACE ......-JAI CLUB ......-DANA PANI RESTRO ......VOLCANO DISC ( UDAIPUR ) ......-And Many More...... Private and Events Party's Also... Regards & Respect- DJ Sachin +919166870054 8302388366 djsachin079@gmail.com Facebook link - https://www.facebook.com/pages/DjSachin

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