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Tirana, Albania
Last online: 2 years ago

I started on this path since 14 Year old, and still having a big passion about music,Songwriting,Producing. Before starting all this when i was a little more younger my father used to play on Piano and he produced lots of songs for diff local singers as producer and songwriter i always heard him play in piano and lots of other instruments when i turned 14 i started to show up my passion about music songwriting and producing music since then i never stop. you know i didn’t had an easy life but i really dont mind mentioning all my life here we all gonna die one day and i dont care who gonna judge up about my life but i dont wanna make a story about my bio here :) even why i dont have that much experience on producing music with software i still be creative and make on my own i dont have professional equipment or starter packs i just love making my own music as i feel and how i imagine it and share it with all mastered or non mastered i still dont care if any1 gonna judge me up its my work if u enjoy u can easily download for free and fix it on your way but dont forget to give credits :) Peace and love to all :)

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