✯ Nebahat Petrovci ✯
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Genk, Belgium
Last online: 1 year ago
For bookings you can mail me @ djnebbie@gmail.com IF YOU LKE MY HOUSE JON MY FANPAGE https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nebahat-Petrovci/752351648142968?ref=hl It all started with a music addiction. Always in search for new music...beats that i loved. My best friend was a dj, so my passion started to grow. In 2010 I started learning myself how to mix tracks and I always played by my deepest feeling & and my own rules. From there on I started to develop my own style .. driven by my never ending love for rhythms and beats. I've been in love with music, ever since forever. I've had a thousand feelings, rapped around the records. My past is filled with colorful emotions. I've been on many dance floors just to feed my soul. They want to tell you that what they do is best, that everyone's the greatest, don't care about the rest. That there's no other music than the one they're doing, that if you don't adore them, than you will left behind. I'm telling you as a friend, that everyone's hard trying to set tomorrow's trance to dance all trough the night. But when it comes to music you've got to make your own decisions. Listen with your soul.

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