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Soest, Netherlands
Last online: 1 year ago
After taking a nearly 7 year break from the EDM scene challenged with much loss yet wisdom; DJ MysteryINK aka Scooby bounces back into the EDM with this album already Ranked #1 for EDM on ReverbNation and many other websites. Kinda odd but DJ MysteryINK has been Producing & DJ'ing music professionally since 1993 with an influence of mostly Progressive Trance, Deep House and Psy-Trance. This is his first set ever that he works with more mainstream pop / dance like music. He took underground signatures of these genres from the old school and mixed them perfectly to more mainstream pop or today's dopest EDM tracks creating a unique sound so awesome it quickly made #1 EDM Artist & Album in the State of Colorado. This was his first attempt with pop music mixed to his underground beats. He wasn't in a fancy studio or recording production facility. He recorded this on the floor of a hotel room in Colorado Springs, Colorado. In his desperation and determination and love for EDM Shines

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