Bootlegs & B-Sides [22-Sept-2013]

Published by Doe-Ran

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Had an absolutely crackin' weekend and it played a big influence on my choice of tunes this week. Life's Good. 01. Trouble So Hard (JPod Remix) - Vera Hall 02. What They Gonna Do - Alific & Bishop D. 03. Soul Girl (Jackmaster Hawk's Soul Shaker Re-edit) - Jeanne & The Darlings 04. Chin Check That Swing (NWA v Louis Armstrong) - CooBee 05. Can't Get Down, If You Can't Get Up (Almighty I.Z. B-Boy Edit) - U.S. Port Authority Soul Band 06. Old School Melody - DJ Groovecellar 07. Once In A Lifetime (Gigamesh Remix) - Talking Heads 08. Cumbia San Pablera (Hubbz Mix) -Conjunto Son San 09. Washed Car - Jayl Funk 10. What's That Sound - Pecoe 11. Give Life Back To Rapper's Delight (Daft Punk v Sugarhill Gang) - Elocnep 12. How About Now (King Richard & The Knights v Wu-Tang v Africa Bambaataa - Michael Lener 13. Ring My Bell (X-Ray Tedit) - Anita Ward 14. Pleasure Town - Johnny Pluse #audio #Radio Show #remixes #soul #ghettofunk #hiphop #house #latin #Gospel #DoeRan

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