Julian Town Blues

Published by Dominic Bennett

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from Demos, released Fall 2011 Lyrics: Wolf went up the mountain, came down the other side Wolf went up the mountain; an eagle came down the side I went back to see my baby, and all she did was cry Went on down to Julian town, tried to get some work Went on down to Julian town, tryin’ to get some work Well you can pick some apples or you can be a soda jerk I’m gettin’ sick of these mountains and trees, I think I’ll go South I’m gettin’ sick of all these mountains and trees, I think I’ll find a desert somewhere South I’d buy a ticket on a train but all my best friends cleaned me out Sometimes it gets so cold here, just wanna curl up and die Sometimes it gets so cold, just wanna sit right down and die If I can’t stop this rainin’ at least I can say I tried Last time I walked on through this town I found out that it had sunk Yeah, I gotta move on out this town, it’s gettin’ me sunk I went back to see my lady, she won’t see me unless she’s drunk All my friends aren’t leaving, but they think they’ve got somewhere to be All my old friends ain’t leaving, no, they don’t have anywhere to be But me, I’m gettin’ gone; I’m taking the first road that I see Last thing that I’m sensin’ is that lonely smell of death Heavy in the air it’s spreadin’, that manufactured death This town, it took my spirit, but it won’t see my dying breath #audio #Blues #dominic #bennett #julian #california #folk #acoustic #music #san #diego #blues #robert #johnson #dylan #beatles #indie #pop #rock #world #americana #classical #guitar #vocal #traditional #singersongwriter

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