Onward, For Aye

Published by Dominic Bennett

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from Demos, released Spring 2011 Lyrics: The moon rose up so kindly, the street was laid to sit The soft cackle of gloaming to never soon forget A quick/slow lifting motion, a righteous lunar thread The town’s worn down but awake inside its bed Earlier on at high noon I jawed up inside my soul The lot of it up to that point would soon be eaten whole Pistol blasts were hammering out a tune to gorge my mind I visualize the turn of time unwind I’ll get on track and get off again This river flows on by my side But it’s not the same one I’ve been following In fact, it’s been changing all night The mountainside will soon divide and try to hide the din We’ll try our best to cast aside barriers within I’m learning now to welcome insects in my viscera I can’t recall what I’m supporting of There’s a man that I very much dislike He’s standing to my left There’s a side that I can’t seem to get right I just hope that it’s not my best A walk through old, forgotten faces leap at every turn A trap unhinged, the quaint unknown, solus steps are earned Liberty works accordingly, still lost but now I’m free No childproof port, nursery, or place to harbor me I’ll take my time at most everything The day remains calmly at hand And onward I’ll go when I’m up to it And onward I’ll make my stand #audio #Folk #dominic #bennett #julian #california #acoustic #folk #music #san #diego #traditional #indie #world #americana #classical #solo #singersongwriter #lyrical #rock #demos

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