The Burning Shelf

Published by Dominic Bennett

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from Demos, released Fall 2011 Lyrics: I’m ailing again, it must be that curse A plague that’s been poisoning me since I was embracing my worst Sensory deprivation, I gave clarity for yellow smoke Reveling in the moment to be; melancholia concealed in a cloak I just gotta learn that nothin’ needs to last The earthquakes will split this mountain fast Patrons are posing on parade I flout every front to persuade It’s clear right now that my mind could use some pleasing Although I can’t grasp how, and with each stable start I’m teasin’ I’ll be further sunken down until I’m living underground I need easing but I just can’t grasp how Too many self-categories veering to wild worldly views While I draw in joyous occasion I shift between the two Weakening mornings, finding the point from where to run Searching most feebly, a loneliness shared by everyone Everything’s happening fast Old forests docking flagships all half mast The cleric’s caught pasting up his face And every last hope’s washed away I tell myself I could live without the meaning But the meaning’s in myself, and all those fatal frightened feelings You should try and chain them out and put ‘em on the burning shelf Lord help me, the meaning’s in myself #audio #Folk Soul #dominic #bennett #julian #california #acoustic #folk #soul #music #san #diego #live #world #solo #indie #rock #americana #classical #burning #shelf #demos #singersongwriter

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