To The Forest

Published by Dominic Bennett

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from Demos, released Fall 2011 Lyrics: Goin’ to the forest ‘cause it’s my favorite place Yes, I like it far too much to go away Goin’ to the forest ‘cause life’s a game Oh, I like it too much to set aflame I’m talking to a ranger who don’t know his own name He shows me pictures of the animals all throughout the plain Sends his questions to the kids as if they held rain By now I think this ranger’s climbing the plains insane I hung out in a tree up until mid-morning Then I came down to see for what the crowd was warning Turned out that a bear fell into the spring And ate the face off every diver recklessly diving A forest set on fire could be the greatest place If I knew where it would lead me I would join in the race The time it took to find yourself is so long erased And everybody who is dreaming will still find home in this place Where am I, wooden wife? What is this plastic life? Remember when we wandered the forest last spring? You walked with me for miles but you couldn’t see a thing I’m going to the forest ‘cause I can’t get away I’ve been stuck inside a wood with no trail being paved Could I conjure up a spell and make the trees my slaves? I’m sure that they’d lift me high in spite of my foray I mean no harm to the greenery surrounding me I understand your place, you know, you’re my everything Please treat me as a brother and I will try and do the same In harmony we can be and in the forest I’ll remain #audio #Folk #to #the #forest #dominic #bennett #julian #california #san #diego #usa #folk #acoustic #live #demos #world #alternative #indie #classical #singersongwriter

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