Farther Down And Further Off

Published by Dominic Bennett

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from Demos, released 2011 watch it live on youtube here: https://www.twine.fm/signin Lyrics: Farther down and further off Slick plates react in circles, no cycles will be stopped The movement from the center amplifies the end You’re in the open perfectly, but you will hide again It’s just your natural instinct to think that you impose But please, baby, tell me why you never wanna leave just until the door is closed Forces form a cleanse, frequencies frequently intervening Won’t ask for hindrance, in moving on I’m sure that there is healing All of my life I’ve waited kind for something more Sleep through the days and stay in line behind the door, behind the door Roughly treading down the track of Fall Youngster bleeding on the kitchen wall Holding slightly, ascension or I stall Kicking all so softly ‘til the flight becomes a crawl So stitch up salutations until you find your high Talking to yourself, my friend, will only make you cry Passion paws in tears but all feelings perceived are only extremes No palpability, don’t get no in-betweens but they’re all I need All of my life I’ve pined so kind for something more Turn ‘round the days and split the line behind the door, turn ‘round the days Maybe I’ll get lucky but usually I don’t My hands been known to weave some crooked path, hopefully they won’t Foraging a signal to unlock every way Try to stay fixed skyward in spite of plummeting decay Farewell old friend, I must be leaving, but I’ll be back to the same old place I’ll never know when I’ll see anyone again and we will meet with a different face All of my life I’ve waited kind for something more Turn ‘round the days and keep your mind above the floor, keep your mind #audio #Alternative Folk #farther #down #further #off #Dominic #Bennett #live #folk #jazz #indie #progressive #classical #singersongwriter #farther #down #further #off #Dominic #Bennett #live #folk #jazz #indie #progressive #classical #singersongwriter

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