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from Old Sleep EP, released Spring 2013 Lyrics: I’ll wait on the guard that placed the burden Are we lamb lighting up the lawn? Hold me up; hold me up long Believe under reason Aren’t we lovin’? A long since past Aren’t we lookin’? That mind can’t cap a reason Eden left us Ah, ease up Up above we all can see What we are Blessed heat In all I saw what you did to soften the blow in the act But try I again and you’ll know what you’re up against, Jack And to see how that tear fall, honey, could it feel like your wish? Poison all mystified guise, I’m breakin’ through to you for schnicks ! You can never expect a turn from the wheel on the road Why’s everybody always rushin’ home? Wouldn’t you find somethin’ better, made of stone? Would you come back down to me, darling, on your own? No, you never expect the one that you love to turn into stone Would you stay away from me, darlin’, on your own? On your own And would you know a better break; a quake to impart? Set through the noise wake all that shows in discrete scenery But I’m not one to worry Better get out of here, boy, in a hurry An end to what you’re doing; been put to rest I’ve been to where you’re going; there’s nothing left, love But going crazy in the distance howling violently Agony of Coyote What is is becoming but does not wish to be Nor shall I traipse wishingly Now your tapestry wraps the apple trees In the yard where we’d lark I know it grows weary in the darkness wishing viciously Agony of you only #audio #Alt Folk #turnwheel #old #sleep #ep #dominic #bennett #california #san #diego #acoustic #americana #indie #rock #demo #alternative #classical #singersongwriter

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