Well Fared (new demo Nov. 7th, 2015)

Published by Dominic Bennett

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Just reworked this to get it closer to the final version, 11-7-2015 Demo for the second full length, out later Watch live on youtube here: https://www.twine.fm/signin Lyrics: Seems that you arrive Blessed star, managed the surviving Please be calm and stay Without delay lay within these wings Forsake your kings From the wreckage, it’s seen: the vestige Stripped to the wire Hail from the fire, in the form in the fire Burden snuck under the night as your tired dried eyes perspired Sink into my substance Expand; ooze all over with Quiet confidence Flow in luxurious nakedness Screamed verse to be heard there in sign Align with the presence, oh Holy again! How blue leaves seemed flowery then From the wreckage, it’s seen: the vestige Floating above, you cold iron dove Vanish for now or call it forever Though my balance sinks through, all creeps unto you That flightful fight Try not to grow adrift in the grimoire When everything seems to be similar Flip foot and stare while you flee blinding cause Cause and prepare I’ve tried but I’m still there Jungled through the snare Where I’ve gone, I can’t compare to Where I fare #audio #Folk Jazz Soul #fare #demo #live #acoustic #california #jazz #psychedelic #progressive #indie #folk #rock #dominic #bennett #san #diego #classical #singersongwriter

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