Fishin' With Frog

Published by Dominic Bennett

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Watch this live on youtube here: Lyrics: Now wasn’t I purer blood, Adonai? Tame where it stood But bring in close, just hope for good Her motor on; ride out, right on Her leapin’ t’wall to wall The call seems so inviting, but no one’s able to get exciting A lack What you gonna... Tie ‘em to the train tracks Her hair to the burnin' haystack When the team reached the cave, it erupted in disgust and disarray The time to walk through the flame Why now...... why now Claimed she’d start to watermark, she made another stitch Asked her for the number, she flopped around like a fish She wore her... Claimed that she was married, she got off without a hitch She wore her open mouth like a miter While the frogs all crawled out and tied her to the tracks I’m not comin' back From this I’m not comin' back So you just keep on goin' ‘til it’s over And I do believe that is soon But there’s nothin’ You can do #audio #Folk #fishin #with #frog #demo #dominic #bennett

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