Celebration Song

Published by Dominic Bennett

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This song... may not be for you Lyrics: This is a celebration song If you couldn’t tell it was, you’re repressed We know the celebration’s for We celebrate unto our deaths And ‘til night sends the fighting home Made me lose it when you said, “heart” And it wouldn’t start And it wouldn’t start And it wouldn’t start I wasn’t far, but traveled long Just the book and the torch And all the holes you’d fallen on Made you only grow so much So take your celebration home And you can finish it on your own Yeah take your celebration home They don’t know your kind, but they know you’re The kind that should be alone I couldn’t be happier If you couldn’t guess by the tone of the song You’re depressed Dusting off a cannonball Makes the load seem Trenchant and toxic You’re achin' So why are you runnin'? - I ran out Of a gimmick #audio #Protest #dominic #bennett #celebration #song #folk

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