Harbor (rough draft - lyrics on page)

Published by Dominic Bennett

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I just felt like posting something new, and this track poses a mood that's unique to the other songs. Also, it's great fun for me to let people in on the process of making songs, and this one's definitely still "in process." At the moment I'm working on three new full length albums: Be It Known..., one with more of a "rock" and progressive type feel, and one with more straightforward folk songs. This track will be on the lattermost of the three, which will be released next year. I know it would be more efficient to work on one thing at a time, but I seem to lack that capability. Anyway, here ya go, another bloody demo! Lyrics, below. Watch live on youtube here: https://www.twine.fm/signin Lyrics: Bread to the fire Lake, dawn Blare of the siren Lays like the fawn And all the way you could have been right in the sun Ya rest in the place you stayed on Made a comeback And they played on Ever holy Made in love Moment to breathe Take time Say what ya need But mean the line Maybe we'd stand for more when it comes Brace for the fall, brave when it's done Made 'em comeback And they played on Ever holy Made in love Your wade applied Face mine Made in the heart Take time Mailed in the harbor A-way in a boat With the ropes to the blade Made out a road #audio #Folk #Dominic #Bennett #harbor #demo #live

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