Tell Me Once (rough draft)

Published by Dominic Bennett

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There exist a few different versions of this track. This one is probably the most simplified, lyrically. Complete version coming on full length #4, the folk album Lyrics: Gone for what, no news, so lay Your fears and pass those tears away And would you tell me once Once more today Oh why'd you stay If your thoughts they weigh Say we contend You take your part And this heart, I lend Say then we fall... Well, then you'd have it all Feebly fraught with fear A basic run of mind But you're a different kind Hence, why I'm inclined To see the prize in you A willful solo view Perspective that I lacked For all the stock out back Into your last refrain You made your stain And you will remain The love we had Is happy in the past So would ya tell me once Once more today Oh, why'd ya stay When I pushed you away And when ya tell me once Once more today Why'd ya stay If your thoughts they weigh #audio #Folk #Tell #Me #Once #Dominic #Bennett #Folk

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