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Clarksville, United States
Last online: 4 weeks ago
Born in Atlanta,GA. Im looking for people who can help me progress. I rap and also make beats. If interested you can reach me at my cell 254-423-7613 or by email dmanspearman97@gmail.com
      uniE603 Bastard x Domm_p- Off of my knuckles
      uniE603 Domm_p- First M freestyle (remix)
      uniE603 My Song to you (Accapella)- Prod. by Domm_P
      uniE603 Domm_p- Hummina Hum (Prod. Birdie Bands)
      uniE603 High Talk(Freestyle)- Domm_p Feat. 2x and Gatsby
      uniE603 Domm_p- Sunshine (I got the Light)