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Boston, United States
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Hello!!! My Name is Don Dadda/ Irving, I hope yall enjoy my Craft! Most is available for free download! A Lot of my music is done at the confort of my house ( Homemade Music) A lot of my people tell me to bring this to the next level and invest more on my music, trust if i had the money i would, but right now im just hope an investor can see the talent and invest in my craft.I am currently working on doing a mixtape where all my new music will be made the right way and great quality.I do public these tracks for an idea of what i bring to the table but trust, the mixtape will be way diffrent, might include some of these song but stay tuned for it. I am an original supporter myself for everyones craft just becuase everything from simple to hard takes work! Once again i hope you all enjoy my music and a lot more coming. If u need anything or have questions or booking? Email me at https://www.twine.fm/signin