Phillip Thompson
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New York, Manhattan, United States
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Born in the USA to Jamaican parents, Phillip Thompson (a.k.a. “Bigger One” is making a name for himself as an Audio Producer/Engineer. Drawing on his versatile musical background and extensive studio experience, “Bigger One” puts the emphasis on recording great songs and bringing out the unique qualities in each artist that he is currently producing. Bigger One’s expertise as a producer/engineer is a direct result of years of recording sessions making beats and working with some of the top producers in the business such as: Computer Paul, Noel Alphonso, Philip Smart Studio, Don One Studio, King Bravel, FX studio, Studio 2000 and Mixing Lab in Jamaica just to name a few.

Having recorded with a wide range of artists, (including: Dennis Brown, Sammy Dread, Jr. Tiger, Simpleton and many more) he is also able to adapt his production style to almost any musical situation. His extensive knowledge of the talent pool of musicians, studios, and engineers enables him to instinctively make the right calls to make each project unique. Bigger One started studying drums and keyboard seriously at the age of 14 after dabbling with other instruments whilst developing a perverse obsession with Reggae and Hip-Hop music; he made his first beat at King Bravel Studio. Before he left school he was out gigging; played on sound systems like “Love Bunch," “Libra love,” and King Bravel. At the time he was also hanging out at a lot of clubs and parties, mainly checking out reggae and hip hop as well as a few house nights and raves.

Phillip Thompson (a.k.a. “Bigger One” has established a reputation for hard work, integrity, and commitment in his career as a studio producer and engineer. As the future unfolds, he will continue to be found putting heart and soul into the cutting edge of Reggae music.

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