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Berlin, Mitte, Germany
Last online: 6 months ago
DR.NOJOKE is a producer and performer – his live sets continually bring new and unique sounds to the table, a combination of field-recordings, self-made sounds, and highly conceptual production that redefine the way we understand electronic music. A Berlin native and leader in directional minimal techno (or “clikno” as he describes it), Dr. Nojoke is a master of rethinking ordinary musicality and procuring new uses for the everyday ::: Projects - CLIKNO label - POOL collective - PLO pool laptop orchestra - Paralelo - UNOIKI collective | label | network - Anomali Web www.drnojoke.de www.facebook.com/Dr.Nojoke.fanpage www.soundcloud.com/dr-nojoke www.residentadvisor.net/dj/dr.nojoke www.drnojoke.tumblr.com www.twitter.com/dr_nojoke www.youtube.com/drnojoke www.vimeo.com/drnojoke www.flickr.com/drnojoke www.mixcloud.com/drnojoke www.unoiki.net
      uniE603 Hypno 04 / Die Hypnokommode - my first electronic album from 1999 !!!
      uniE608 Dr.Nojoke live @ Connected by Netaudio / Essential Existence Gallery, Leipzig - 2011-04-16
      uniE603 Dr.Nojoke live @ Delay on Tour Sep2012 / party cancelled by the police in the middle of my set