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Ashley, United States
Last online: 10 months ago

A 12 year old, unofficial music promoter and amateur bass producer. From Cleveland, OH.

Dub-lists Official - A music promoter that creates the perfect playlists for EDM lovers everywhere. If you want a promoted playlist, you must have at least five songs posted on your profile.
FUTURE - An amateure bass producer that can’t wait for what comes next. You may also call me FUTUR3 (with a 3).

EP’s Released
Genysis EP by PRIS!M

I’ll be happy to collab or release a song for you. Just send it privately to me! :)

Email: https://www.twine.fm/signin
SoundCloud: Dub-lists/FUTUR3 Official
Instagram: dublistsandfutur3

    uniE603 VaJizzle & ReZor & BassKiller (Ft. Lendvai) - Devious (FUTUR3 Remix)
    uniE603 I'm New Here EP: 2. FUTURE - Parables (SubSonic Release)
    uniE603 I'm New Here EP: 1. FUTURE - Letting Go (SubSonic Release)
    uniE603 I'm New Here EP: 3. FUTURE & PRIS!M - Degree (SubSonic Release)
    uniE603 I'm New Here EP: 4. FUTURE - Renagade (SubSonic Release)