coffE-K (Decimate Doom)
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Independence, United States
Last online: 23 hours ago

I write music, from instrumental to 8bit.
If you want my work for a project of yours, feel free to contact me!

What I Make:
Industry Experience:
Gear & Software Experience:
FL Studio ( Intermediate )
    uniE603 UNDERTALE - Christmas in Snowdin (Snowdin Town/Pollyanna Remix)
    uniE603 UnderToriShiftedTallerOverweightEdgySwappedFellTaleChanged - Ruins or Something (Ruins remix)
    uniE603 Undertale - Alphys Takes Action (Original Remix)
    uniE603 Undertale - Guardian of the Underground (Spear of Justice Remix)
    uniE603 Undertale - Long Ago... (Once Upon A Time Remix)
    uniE603 Undertale - Expectations, Loneliness, Fear(Fallen Down Remix)
    uniE603 Undertale - Share some LOVE! (Your Best Friend Remix)