Dynami V2

Published by Robin Blend

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I decided to go 8ack and make some alterations (ALTER! HA!) to the Dynami FLP, and this is the result. "But Coffe!" You might say, "It's just a key change!" to that I say, yes. It's just a key change. I did it all for the views. Mwahahahaha. Jk, I love you guys. The FLP (remem8er to credit if it's used): https://www.twine.fm/signin Remem8er to check out my new channel: https://www.twine.fm/signin (I'm a despica8le human 8eing for doing this. Despica8le! Despica8le! DESPICA8LE!) #audio #Undertale #Music #Remix #Instrumental #Electronic #dynami #megalovania

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