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i wonder if it's possible to reach around the whole world past all extremes of peaks and seas meet you to stay in colored things i suppose that it is fair to say this wouldn't really work that way but in time i know it's possible to reach a common heart i offer a gem that never breaks the question i have today is how we'll be together? reach forever and bring it back we will find that our dreams do come true, i know offhand that this whole thing will last look to the past look to the past and through the past we do remind of all the places in the mind it's never been quite right to think we couldn't do this now i write to you my point so clear inviting you to join me here it doesn't matter, where we go, or what i do, and all this that i hold as true, but mainly though, i wanted to say you and i could reach the skies as one and have some fun within the sun i'm calling you to meet me there i'm here somewhere along the stair i see you've come close to me now, but somehow there's a way to keep this true #audio #crunchwave #strange #pop #edm #dance #party #house #2016 #mix

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