The New

Published by Emmanuel Ventura Cruess

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Written in 2010 Produced in 2012 Music and Lyrics by Emmanuel Ventura-Cruess People ask me what I'm doin' when I *STOP I'm not smilin' anymore, they say I'm full of *STOP But I ask you the reasons for it and all you say is *STOP You just don't understand what brings me to this drop And don't you think that I know what you're doin'? *STOP I see right through you and your plans so you can STOP Quit embarrassing yourself you now know when to STOP Here now take this pill it'll make you feel tip top I don't think you see this other side of me Please just take my hard hand and ride along with me Hide in this dried sandland that you can't see baby There ain't no sea in sight, don't cry it's gonna be alright industrial feel, first song i ever made on a computer, but redone years later #audio #Industrial #EMÆL #EMAEL #Emmanuel #VenturaCruess #Nine #Inch #Nails #Trent #Reznor #Heavy #Industrial #Rock #Rap

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