Etcetera (Brooklyn Boy Wonder)
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Earth, United States
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Rapper, Actor, Producer and Writer, Etcetera has been more than a brand; This Brooklyn-born lyricist is the definition and a martyr of his genre. From his released recordings, mix CD, fragrance venture, sport management venture, film and television musical contributions, and acting career, this Crown Heights native has moved throughout the industry effortlessly managing to accomplish a massive amount of avenues as well as the bodies of musical work from producing, writing resulting in incalculable record sales.

Etceteras’ first major official studio album…”Character” is set to be released, early 2015 and from the
pre-release reviews this album was noted to be on the same classic level of the phenomenal album
The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. The album is named Character because it skillfully paints a vivid picture of the times and experiences of Etcetera and all the characters he plays during these adventures.

This album luminously contains a combination of original music, authentic hip hop and pop compositions; inventive hooks and choruses; innovative rhyme styles and ingenious word play.

Some may say this album has the potential of being a classic.

Tate Music Group/Orchard/Sony
Management: David Ash

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