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Dedicated to my spiritual brother and sister Elham and Elvin who have always guided me with loving speech and characters worthy of praise. "The Cause of the Ancient Beauty is the very essence of love, the very channel of oneness, existing only that all may become the waves of one sea, and bright stars of the same endless sky, and pearls within the shell of singleness, and gleaming jewels quarried from the mines of unity; that they may become servants one to another, adore one another, bless one another, praise one another; that each one may loose his tongue and extol the rest without exception, each one voice his gratitude to all the rest; that all should lift up their eyes to the horizon of glory, and remember that they are linked to the Holy Threshold; that they should see nothing but good in one another, hear nothing but praise of one another, and speak no word of one another save only to praise." #Bahai #Praise #Love #Unity #Speech #Abd'u'l-Baha #Ayyam-i-Ha #Fasting #Earth #Citizen #Earthcitizen #rock #song #electronic #music #Baha'i

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