Day 15 - So Long, Blue Electric Wonder (a Cliché)

Published by Martin-Eero Kõressaar

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Day 15 of Experiment 30,5 days This summer Estonia finally updated the electric-train park with new, Stadler type, European trains. These acoustic recordings used to make today's track are old and made years back when those old "blue wonders" were still roaming the railway. Though, the sample recorded inside the train which you can hear in this recording, are from a mended train (hence the picture). So this really cliché sound is a bit off but still reminds a lot of good old memories which everybody holds dear, somehow. In order to celebrate the "half-way mark" I'd like to give my regards to those trains. Though, the sound is low fidelity and can be rough around the edges in some places. The recording of the train ambience is available for free download on my Freesound account Also thanks to "" for the picture And most of all - thank You for everything! See you tomorrow I was so impressed by Experiment 61 days by Kaarel Kuusk (Vonkuusk on Soundcloud)that I decided to pay tribute by making my own, similar project - Experiment 30,5 days. So I will make an audial composition every day. With one rule - base material for these must be acoustic recordings. Manipulating them via audio software is allowed. But generating a whole new sound via DAW's isn't allowed in my little project. I hope you enjoy but most of all - I hope you have fun as much as I do. Downloading is enabled, all "songs" shall be CC #audio #Cliché

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