Day 29 - The Talk

Published by Martin-Eero Kõressaar

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Hey there, humble listener! I just wanted to say thank you for listening, it really means a lot to me! The experiment is close to the end so I thought I might share a few ideas with you in case you might want to do something similar. 1. First of all - Choose an area of concentration. It might sound easier to have no rules at all but it get’s messy and you don’t get the proper stress which builds character and forces you to look on your instrument arsenal with a new perspective. Also having a strict area of concentration improves you tremendously and you’ll thank yourself later. Because it’s easy to stuck up a few new loops from a rare samplepack and call it a day. I’m not saying it wouldn’t sound nice. It just doesn’t improve you as much as you could improve. Choose only a handful and make them sound different everyday - Challenge yourself! 2. Try not to get too „artzy“. Either you fail with it or it will just get too messy. Having cliche structures is not at all a horrible thing concidering the experiment. It digests your ideas and makes your mind clear for future ideas with more skill and experience. You know – you listen more. This really seems vital if you are a working composer, producer or a musician. A clear mind is a healthy mind. 3. Don’t be afraid to have lame harmonic structure. Making those lame ones sound new and hip is the key of making music sound music, maybe. Pileing up a huge amount of cool sounding chords on top of each other isn’t always the best solution. It might end up sounding like a bad jam. But if you do so, no problem. 4. Be hard on yourself to a certain degree – if you fail and your days works sucks really bad or it just doesn’t work, you still should release the song and deal with the response. Or in the best case scenario, make a new one... even if it costs you a lot of sleep. All this builds character. 5. Now this is important – release what speaks to you. Having a meaning before the track’s finished is in many cases the only piece that makes music be music. Otherwise it would just be tastefully organised sequence of sound. 6. Lastly never forget - Positive Stress is Progress. Thanks again, people! I’m glad you stood by! Day 29 of Experiment 30,5 days I was so impressed by Experiment 61 days by Kaarel Kuusk (Vonkuusk on Soundcloud)that I decided to pay tribute by making my own, similar project - Experiment 30,5 days. So I will make an audial composition every day. With one rule - base material for these must be acoustic recordings. Manipulating them via audio software is allowed. But generating a whole new sound via DAW's isn't allowed in my little project. I hope you enjoy but most of all - I hope you have fun as much as I do. Downloading is enabled, all "songs" shall be CC #audio #Podcast

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