Tincandango (demo)

Published by Martin-Eero Kõressaar

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Tincandango. Recorded 8-9'th of october '11. A rough one. I forgot how much effort does recording a double bass takes. And this sounds really awful. But still... couldn't halt the whole process because of it. You just got to do with what you have... not whine around and wait for a miracle (in this case money for microphones). Screw it - just do it. So Tincandango. Yes - it has something to do with a tincan. What exactly, I don't know. But I feel like it's a dance. A little dance inside a tincan, I think. So I'd appreciate if you'd give it a try and listen to it. I'd be very glad since it's a first one in that kinda style. All feedback - more than welcome. Thank you! Tincandango (2011) Martin-Eero Kõressaar - contrabass, piano #audio #Contemporary #double #bass #jazz #piano #contemporary #impressionism #colourful #still #demo #contrabass #pop #strange

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