37. Catching Breath (Dead Sea 3)

Published by Martin-Eero Kõressaar


- A segment from this special night at the dead sea- My name is Martin-Eero Kõressaar and I am an upright bass player from Estonia. I study in the Estonian Academy of Music. I have done a similar project before, (search for: "Experiment 30,5 days") This time the rules are pretty much the same: "With one rule - base material for these must be acoustic recordings (pickups allowed). Manipulating them via audio software is allowed. But generating a whole new sound via DAW's isn't allowed in my little project." (Exp30,5) But this time there is much less time and also travelling meanwhile so it's going to be quite the ride. Why am I doing this? Because it keeps me alive inside. Thank You! :) Long story short - I will make an audial composition every day until the big clock hits six. Rules are simple - all acoustic, pickups allowed. Day 31: I was travelling in Palestine. This is just a little segment of a long jam with very special people yesterday night at the dead sea, lowest place on earth. Yours sincerely, Eero #audio #100days #UTBCH6

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