John Donoghue
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Manchester, United States
Last online: 8 months ago


Effluxion - The Trip (Phunky Rabbit Records, Manchester UK)

SoulReazon - Ready To Move (Sequential Records, Manchester UK)

Daniel Palmas - Free To Be - Effluxion Remix (Underground Source Records, Tunisia)

Feft - Ridin’ - Effluxion Remix (Sequential Records, Mancheser UK)

Effluxion - Just Can’t Stop (Underground Source Records, Tunis Tunisia)

Rosenhaft - Born To Make U Sweat - Effluxion Rework (Sequential Records, Manchester UK)

Effluxion - Blue Room (Sequential Records, Manchester UK)

Effluxion - Not The Way (Sequential Records, Manchester UK)

Pikcha - You Know - Effluxion Remix (AOI Records, Sheffield UK)

Fresk Musik - You Don’t Have To Pretend - Effluxion Remix (Avec Moi Records, Romania) [Out February 2014]

Effluxion - Bumbaclaat (Avec Moi Records, Romania - Omelette Du Fromage Vol: 2)

For release / remix requests, please contact me either on here or by email -

    uniE603 Daniel Palmas - Free To Be (Effluxion Dub) Out Now on Underground Source Records [USR018]
    uniE603 Ozzi - Playing Games (Effluxion Remix) **FREE DOWNLOAD**
    uniE603 Effluxion - Just Can't Stop Out Now on Underground Source Records [USR023]
    uniE603 Effluxion - The Trip (Original Mix) - Out Now on Phunky Rabbit Records [PRR019]
    uniE603 ***FREE DOWNLOAD*** Fresk Musik - Exits The Way (Effluxion Remix) Master
    uniE603 Fresk Musik - You Don't Have To Pretend (Effluxion Remix) [CLIP]
    uniE603 Feft - Ridin' (Effluxion Remix) - Out Now on Sequential Records [SEQ003]
    uniE603 Yagiz Bayrak - Love Story (Effluxion Remix) [CLIP]