Alexandros Tsiantaridis
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Miami, United States
Last online: 5 days ago

El Chad, aka Tsadi Bumbadi as dubbed by his closest friends, is an eclectic DJ/Producer, professional crate digger who’s been bending sounds and breaking grounds since his early teens.
A spirit of the ancient kind exploring parts unknown, from the mythic lands of Greece, to Sweden, Germany and France, all the way to his new home in the United States, he brings heat on dance floors and the mystic forests of the disco abyss.

Untamed like a lion, he’s performed at various stages, including, amongst others:

Yoga Bala/Athens
Salon Des Amateur/Dusseldorf
Bardot/Miami ≡
Camp Cosmic/Gotland ⩙⧊
Lemon City Studios/Miami

Together, with his closest friends, wizards of the early morning myst, they meet,… they greet,… and congregate,… relating directly to him,… screaming, shouting, singing,… blessing the crowds with their chants,… encounters of the third kind.

Catch him casting spells and calling spirits, every 1st Sunday of the month in his holy shrine, “The Corner” (DownTown Miami).

Chants begin at 10pm/No Cover.

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