Why We Migrate

Published by San Marcos, CA | U.S.A.

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Sample: United States President John F. Kennedy's Moon Landing Decision Speech, 1961. This is an intermission sample-based song separating two other songs within "Beats from Space" by Epsilon-144. Beats from Space will be available for steaming and download on all major platforms as of January 11, 2016. Details about the EP: Beats from Space focuses on the sounds of space. It features songs with the kind of beeps and blips you would hear on a space station, reinforced with heavy beats and bass. Other songs feature floating space age melodies with subtle beats. All together, it's a new kind of sound. About the Artist: Epsilon-144, Eric Gross, is an artist from California. He is a founder of the Humboldt Bass Crew. He grew up playing trumpet from the age of 9, soloing with trumpet and baritone in a jazz band. After graduating high school, he started DJing and learning production. Now he is developing a new unique sound. Contact: Snapchat: charlieboy144 Instagram: EricGross144 email: https://www.twine.fm/signin #audio #Space #JFK #Moon #Landing #President #Kennedy

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