The Shakespearance - Collectable Figurines

Published by Esmeralda Mejia

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The challenge was to get a series of unbranded toys and create a package design that would give this set of toys the feel of collectable figurines. The design would have to give the costumer the desire to keep the figurine inside the packaging, which implied to make a design that is as good as the toy itself. The Skakespearance was created with this purpose. The toys gathered for this project are simple wooden figures dressed with medieval clothing. The packaging design was inspired on Shakespeare. Since the stories used are plays the design of the package was made as a theatre from the victorian era with numbers on the sides that show the dates the plays were released. #image #graphicdesign #branding #packaging #toy #toypackaging #collectable #collectablefigure #actionfigure #victorian #shakespeare #victorianera #adobeillustrator #adobephotoshop #adobephotoshoplightroom

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