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Haarlem, Oude Stad, Netherlands
Last online: 1 year ago

Etroxer is a Dutch EDM DJ/producer from Haarlem, The Netherlands. He started his carreer in September 2013 by trying and producing all sorts of styles while he was practicing with his producing software. After trying for a long time, in early 2015 he finally produced a track he thought was good enough to post on Soundcloud, Summer Gun.
After listening to the track lots of times he realised it has to become more known by other people in the world, so he decided to send his track to a lot of music labels also from The Netherlands.
At that time, Armin van Buuren’s Armada Music organized a contest for upcoming DJ/producers. Summer Gun passed the selection of the contest. So Etroxer was invited to a masterclass by Armin van Buuren and Brodanse.
After getting really much inspired by the famous trance DJ, Etroxer started working on an album together with his friend Axtro. After an undetermined time the album will be released on Spinnin Records.
Producing music is Etroxer’s #1 activity while he is at home. At this time he is producing a lot of (unfinished) tracks by himself and with his friends and he is seen at a lot of private and commercial partys as a DJ in and around Haarlem.