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Kielce, Poland
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Discover My Music! And Check Artist who been supported by Adrew Rayel, Rank 1, DJ Anna Lee, Genix, Dart Rayne & Yura Moonlight and more!

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e-mail: https://www.twine.fm/signin
website: @expectance or facebook.com/ExpectanceOffical



​ Expectance born in Staszów . Music producer and DJ currently living in Kielce ( Woj.Świętokrzyskie ) . On the market since 2006, which was a kind of breakthrough for myself, I was purchase professional equipment and the first steps in the programs for the production and processing of music ( FL Studio ) on which it operates for today , creating solo songs and remixes for DJ and producers from around the world. My songs and remixes have been played around the world and appreciated by the leading manufacturers of Trance music , and more. At the moment my tracks will been support from Andrew Rayel , Thomas Coastline or Yuri Kaye not forgetting his debut on the airwaves radio station “Eska” , which is our common song " Rock This Club Down" was supported, by Poutka at Eska Live Remix . Currently, I talk about signing a contract with one of the biggest trance labels in the world that is the Enhanced Records. What’s more about my person for sure is that if it’s any solo production or remix of trying to somehow express yourself and give a piece of myself that the listener can hear not only sounds but also the emotions accompanying them . Currently, guiding my personal styles are : Trance , Tech- Trance , Progressive Trance and Progressive House and Deep House.

Musical achievements :

Solo Productions :
Expectance - Iris (Original Mix) [Enhanced Music]
East Freaks & Expectance - ID
Expectance & Marco Donati - ID
Expectance - This Can not Be Goodbye -> Soon
East Freaks & Expectance - Rock This Club Down (Original Mix) [ Intraxx Records ]
Expectance - More Than you ( Original Mix)
Expectance - Please ( Original Mix)
Expectance - You’re Gonna Love Again
Expectance - Summer Rain (Extended Mix)
Expectance - Need To Feel Loved
Expectance - Take You Away (Original Tech Mix)
Expectance - Alone Tonight (Original Mix)
Expectance - Not Giving Up On Love (Original Mix)
Expectance - Honey on Your Lips (Original Mix)
Expectance - Smile On Her Face ( Special Mix )
Expectance - Light In Your Eyes ( Original Mix)
Expectance - How Long Must I Wait ( Original Mix)
Expectance - What You Do not Know
Expectance - Silence (Original Mix)
Expectance - Clear Sky ( Original Mix)
Basshock - Breath (Original Mix)
Basshock - I’m Alone (Original Mix)
Basshock - Destination of Sex (Club Mix)
Basshock - Free 2k10 (Club Mix)
Basshock - Sex (Extended Mix)
Basse Rockerz - Basse Jump


Thunderthief - Falling ( Expectance Remix )
Dart Rayne & Yura Moonlight feat Cate Kanella - Shelter Me ( Expectance Remix )
Dennis Sheperd & Cold Blue feat Ana Criado - Fallen Angel ( Expectance Remix )
Ronsky Speed ​​feat Emna Hewitt - Lasting Light ( Expectance Remix )
Emma Hewitt - Crucify ( Expectance Remix )
Nic Chagall & Duderstadt feat Relyk - Alone With You ( Expectance Instrumental Mix )
Yuri Kane - Right Back ( Expectance Remix )
Andain - Beautiful Things ( Expectance Remix )
ATB - Ecstasy ( Expectance Love Remix )
4 Strings - Take Me Away ( Expectance Remix )
Above & Beyond feat Richard Bedford - Thing Called Love ( Expectance Remix )
Armin van Buuren - Youtopia ( Expectance Remix )
Armin van Buuren - Rain ( Remix Expectance )
Dash Berlin ft. Jonathan Mendelsohn - Better Half Of Me ( Expectance Remix )
Armin van Buuren - Burned With Desire ( Expectance Sunlight Remix )
Moreno - My Angel ( Basshock Remix )
Masters of South - Only The Dark ( Basshock Remix )
Masters of South - The Rain ( Remix Basshock )
Oceanlab - Satelite ( Basshock Mental Remix )
Blank & Jones - DJ Culture ( Basshock Remix )
Moreno vs Vinyltronic - Promise Land ( Basshock Remix )
Blank and Jones - After Love ( Dj Basshock Love Remix )
Incartey And Ancient Artists - Ready Or Not 10 ( Dj Basshock Exclusive Remix )
Airscape - Sosei ( Dj Basshock Exclusive 2k10 Remix )
ATB - You’re Not Alone 2k10 ( Dj Basshock Remix )
Aquagen - Hard to Say I’m Sorry 2k10 ( Dj Basshock Remix )

    uniE603 Above & Beyond - Sun And Moon (Expectance Deep Remix)[OUT NOW]
    uniE603 Expectance - Love Need Us (Original Mix)[Out Now]