Ephraim August Sitoe
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Exzotic AKA DJ Exzo is a Composer, Author & Producer for over 10 years, His production ranges from Avantgarde, House, Afro Beat, EDM, Hip Hop & Jazz. His catalogue includes a TV theme song, AD Song, Radio Jingles. He has worked extensinvely with major underground producer's & labels dealing with popular, Unique & distinctively South African music since 1999. 2006 he Produced the album N1 House Tunes presented by DJ Sailorman for the label Mgege Records released by Sheer House. The Album included the hit track Heavenly Cry 'Feels Like Heaven on SABC 1" which became huge due to it being used as a TV theme song. 2008 saw the birth of Seam Records a label solely owned by DJ Exzo & has since released some noticeable EP's by Exzotic, DJ Sailorman & DJ Exzo himself especially with the track Haft Past also on Put your hands up vol 6 released by Le Bien et Le Mal. Many of Exzotic/DJ Exzo can be found on many online stores & copilations by labels like City life, Doppelgänger, HiFi Stories, Into The Depths & many more. Contact Tel: +27793212361 e mail: seamdj@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/Exzotic https://twitter.com/ExzoticDJExzo www.youtube.com/Exzoticseamdj http://soundcloud.com/dj https://www.facebook.com/pages/Exzoticdjexzo