UNIFY (The Black Door) W/ LYRICS

Published by Cozy Miles, The Calm Devil

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Produced By @cattykits Drop Top Through The Astral Plane Candy-Painted Sled Led By My Chain Gang Legion Full Of Angels Strawberry Bagels OJ Carton With The Screw-Top Pardon My Skill I'm Only Here To Prove What Is Real Not That My Mind Is Ill, But For Real The Flames Passed By The Peak Of Potential Footprints In The Ashes All Around Us Are The Ones That Didn't Open Up Their Door Some Rose Past The Ceiling Some Fell Through The Floor But To Gain Understanding Is To Pass Through The Middle It's Simple But Society Will Tell You Otherwise; Individuality, Duality, And Worshiping Light Fuck That (x2) Don't Believe Their Lies Deny Yourself And Free Your Mind Climb To The Peak Where We All Unify #audio #Pyramid Decay #Fourth #Eye #Cult

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