They Thought We Were Dead [Deconstructing Time Mix]

Published by Charles S. Kuzmanovic

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Hey guys! This is my brand new song. I went back in time and brought back some essential Fake Plastic Heads flavors. Some abstract flavors. The song is about misinterpretations. "They Thought We Were Dead There seems to be another place I can’t recall – I must erase (4x) Getting back and growing inside Out of my mind – out of my mind Dark matter, solid – not at all and not your kind Next of kin – let them shatter – let them sin Crawling on wounded knees – where have you been (2x) It wasn’t supposed to work out right Wrong choice, wrong path and out of my mind Anti-chaos shaping lines on the back of the wing Do you care – what could have been? Could have been – the lines we shape Across the levels of other worlds Forgiving ourselves and marching on To different places we chose so long Ago To different places we will never know Way beyond the pale – a dry-dive suicide Out of my mind, out of my mind There seems to be this different place I will remember – I can’t erase (4x) Marching on, head up / down The eternal footstep will put you off the ground." More content at: or over there at my blog: You could even hop to my company's site: See you there! #audio #Electronic #Idm #ambient #drone #noise #spoken #word #fake #plastic #head #Industrial #Experimental #Abstract #voice #art #sound #design

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