Feel Good Entertainment LLC
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Winters, United States
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Feel Good Entertainment (FGE) newly established out of Lufkin Texas. Although newly established Feel

Good Entertainment is nothing to sneeze at with the type of product i.e. good music. We believe we

have a very bright future i.e. the name Feel Good Entertainment. Here we actually take our time and

develop our artist. We believe in quality over quantity meaning; we strive for the best and demand

the best out of our artist to be able to provide the fans and supporters the best product possible. We

feel that the least we can do for the public allowing them to live out their dreams and making a

positive mark in the world.

Feel Good Entertainment is looking to bring a new look to the music industry, times are changing

nothing ever stays the same, especially not music, so we adapt right along with it, but not in a way that

you don’t forget we are here to bring you the fan the best possible musical product. Being able to perform music

is actually a talent or a gift and a God given one at that.

We will never lose that concept therefore allowing the artist to blossom into something incredible that

you will be talked about for ages to come.

And most importantly we are not out for profit which is going to really help them stand out from the

rest. We believe that there is nothing out there like it. We believe in building the artist so profits will

go towards the artist’s career.

Our keys to success are:

Business expertise of operators: lt is critical to have experience and skills in managing and

operating all aspects of a small business to achieve financial success.

Having a loyal customer base: A highly satisfied client base will encourage repeat customers,

who make up the majority of clients.

Access to niche markets: Operators that develop niche areas of service and expertise reduce the

effects of local price-based competition.

Maintenance of excellent customer relations: Operators that strive for positive customer

relations will promote customer satisfaction and encourage positive word-of-mouth


Creating a signature experience that gets people talking.

Company Background:

Music is a part of Benjamin. He lives and breathes it, but he wasn’t blessed with the talents to perform,

but that’s the awesome thing about music, there are multiple ways to contribute besides performing

and that’s where he fit in. ln the scheme of things being able to help someone else live out their dreams

is satisfying in itself. Benjamin was in the US Army so soon in the future he will use his Gl Bill to attend

Berklee Online College for Music Business Management to educate himself on the business side of the

music industry.

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