Feeling Music Kiraly L. Norbert
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Budapest, I. kerület, Hungary
Last online: 7 months ago
FEELING MUSIC FT. KIRÁLY L NORBI (NEEL) - a youngster and a wannabe superstar from a lesser part of the world who owns the stage and makes up his own rules! His live gigs are full of originality, energy and plain crazyness. He contributes all his lyrics himself which truly express his inner self, his uncompromised take on life as such and what is meant to inspire people to more positive and less hindered approach to thinking. His latest piece of music is “I’m Your Friend”, a banging electro club-masterpiece which also channels other, long forgotten eras when music was more intimate. “People tend to fight their own inner emotions which are hard to conquer when you are on your own. This is an ode really to anyone having to face this reality. You are surrounded by all that is this world and in it there is meand I am all you ever need - just call me music and I will fill you up and take wherever you wish to be! Manager: Edit Kohuth Phone Number: +36/70 - 454 - 2030

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