Fenly - Lone (ft. Gxlden Child, Jei Bandit & Panther Matumona)

Published by Fenly

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I liked this song so much I made a video for it here's the link . It's features Gxlden Child, Jei Bandit and Panther Matumona on the ab libs. These guys are fkn boss as fuck we just went ham in the studio one day and came up with this. This was the first song I released from the Hennessy Memories EP/Journey since it's fkn awesome and I wanted people to have a chance to hear me out and see what I'm about. This song is inspired by my life, certain ambitions and being the lone wolf that I am. Enjoy Recorded at Makeway studio Lyrics written by Fenly, Gxlden Child, Jei Bandit and Panther Matumona (Verse 1 Gxlden Child) Call me OG Bobby Johnson ! Got a pocket full of money You feeling it Walking with a pound Ain't selling shit About to click clack bang While spitting it Don't Fuck With Gxld You can hear that it's throwed Interfere with my goals Im gon murder your soul First Iamgxld is the project You face down hoe nigga don't talk back Say what where the car at? Where the bars at? Nigga don't talk back? You fucking with Takerz you end on the floor You fucking with people no one Needs to know Like bobby the og I'm the bishop you know ?? (Chorus jei bandit & Panther) Tell em Who I am I know you niggas want to know this When I came through with the clan Lone wolf im holding no bitch 2x (Verse 2 Fenly) MTL LIVING I DON'T GIVE A FUCK Spent my life being up Stuck up And high as fuck They say that I have luck Since there's always hunnies on my nuts Not knowing that I'm holding to my last buck Nappy hair Drawings on my stomach like a care bear Ink my whole body I don't give a fuck I don't care Got flare The type to make them all stare And confiscate a lady For a quickie in my lair Gripping on her derriere On my path to becoming a billionaire Confident I will make it there See it in my glare Real eyes Realize Real lies I see through these guys Disguise Trying to improvise A way into our lives Trying to survive Thank the Lord that I'm still alive Since the age of five I've stayed sharper than a fkn knife Bad to the bone Incrypted in my chromosomes With or without the chrome I ain't tryping if I'm caught alone. #musicvideo # Fenly #takerznation

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