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With so much saturation in the music industry thanks to the accessibility of the internet, where do you turn for fresh air?
What artist can you depend on to bring vivid and modern ideas infused with the classic sounds and intuitions of what we hold dear
in music? All the while trusting them to further the genre of Rap and Hip Hop as a whole? BOON! no no not BOOM! BOON!
Born in the southern parts of Florida and raised in Orlando, Central Florida we have an interesting, intuitive, young artist
who gracefully balances complex lyricism you would hear from a more classic boom bap style rapper with melodized body moving
rhythyms you can only expect out of more modern day southern artist. Top all this off with some thought provoking punch lines
opinionated yet passionate perceptions of todays sociological systems, seasoned with a heart wrenching story of a child born into a
povertized family facing drug abuse, gun violence and being homeless and you would think you have the next scarface movie, but no
instead you have BOON. A young aspiring rapper with the knowledge to teach, the integrity to listen, and the voice to move a crowd.
What sets him apart from any other artist in the game today? Fire is the best answer. What burns in this young artist is the same
substance that ignites the mic every time he spits a line…PASSION. This isnt your average inner city rags to riches artist. For those
who remain interested BOON is the youngest son of 4 children, who has seen the darker side of the more glamorized “drug lifestyle”
BOON thanks his mother and grandparents for raising him. moving from house to house and state to state BOON has lived in states
varying from south Florida, northern New York, Georgia, Washington, and even Hawaii. His style is comparable to the deep poetic sounds
of a modern day common with the southern twang of an 05 Ludacris blended slightly with the passionate
poeticism of a young tupac. Hard to imagine such an artist exsist right? Well take a listen and see for your self. Starting out in his
early career BOON began rapping over famous artists beats such as Lil Wayne, Outkast, Drake, Beanie Seagul, Jay z, J dilla and so
many more. As he finds himself searching for his own personal style there is no denying the time and effort put into his music.
BOON says he owes his taste in music to his vietnam veteran Grandfather who passed away. He claims was the father figure in his life.
Introducing him to musical legends such as Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross, Michael Jackson, The OJ’s, Fighting Temptations, James Brown, and
so many more. The possibilities for this young lyrical artist, accompanied by his talents in art and hip hop dance are endless, and he
claims that is why the infinity symbol replaces the to O’s in his name, because “Growing up it was unreal to believe I could be the
the next Tupac or Biggie, my mother, grandmother and grandfather fell victim to drug abuse early in my childhood. I was the first in
my family to graduate highschool and first to attend college. See music is more than sound to me…it is soul. There is a deep connection
I share with each song I write. I dont want to die in the ghettos I was raised in, and I dont want my friends to die there either, so I use
music to tell my story and reach the unreachable. To do this you cant be limited, you cant have barriers. Therefore my potential is infinite.”
With the name “BOON” which I have found in the dictionary to mean, “an un-timely or unexpected blessing” and the determination he posses
I would remember the name BOON because it seems he does not plan on leaving the music game without making a name for himself.

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