To My Friend - Frog ft. Nansu

Published by Froggiesinger

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You SC listeners get to hear this first :) Frog x Cat Duet with nansu /o/ Mix by nansu Song by TechniKen Art by JinJin Message from Nansu: AHHHHHHHH ITS FINALLY DONEEE ;w; gomen froggie for the wait and everything, stress and depression is huge lately with year 12 and everything D: but yesssss thankyou for asking me to do this song with you!!! I really enjoyed working on it and god bless your vocals //touches. It was a real good challenge mixing this LOL >>>> my first heavy glitch song too.. but yesssssss I hope you guys enjoy our cover of kens amazing arrange "To my Friend"!! PS. Nansu is not a mixer #audio #vocaloid #progressive #house #english #duet

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