I KNIGHT IN MALTA - Club mix © Gervay Brio music 2014

Published by Gervay Brio

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Gervay's timeless journey in Malta, land of knighthood and nightlife, where dreams and wishes become epic love... NIKI BELUCCI (Radio FG): « Cool one » KOMA (Jacbri, Proton Radio): « Nice track » ESSENTIAL DELUXE: (Radio): « Good release » SIMON DEEP (Fresh FM Volcano Radio Pulzar FM OFM deepsouthaudio.net): « Nice beats thanks » DIGITAL FM: « Nice music » CLUB 1 Radio: « Nice one! » Dr.ZOLDBERG (electrosound.tv): « Interesting release! » FRANCO BIANCO: (Hypercolour, Dilek, Multivitamins): « Huge one! I will double check for my monthly podcasts at Delta FM 90.3 in Buenos Aires and also for my upcoming gigs! Thanks for the music! » #audio #GervayBrio

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