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Mount Vernon, United States
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GRANDSON GLOXEN OF 4SIXTRE- BIO- Four Six Tre (4sixtre) Entertainment, known as 4-6 Tre Group GLOXEN is founder, CEO and producer from Mount Vernon, New York, the group is comprised of two MC’s and one DJ.and also form a group called 4sixtre thee alliance.
MC/PRODUCER/ARTIST(Gloxen), & MC;(Rahz4Millya), and the group Superlative Disk Jockey; DJDB brings forth a Paramount of creativity in off the hook styles rhythm that puts the flavor back into Rap.

4-6 Tre is neighboring to the Bronx and the “Big Apple” New York City, 4-6 Tre has the talents and the diversity of music that the industry looks for in Hip Hop backed by a blend of Reggae and R&B. The group is homed in Mount Vernon, New York in which many legendary Athletes, Musicians, Actors and Comedians came from. Such famous people as Detroit Piston; Ben Gordon, Denzel Washington and Art Carney. In addition to the talented musician, rappers producer & actors Sean Combs a.k.a. P Diddy, Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth, Jeff Redd,JBsmoove,Talent the comedian and The Late rapper, actor Heavy D.

4-6 Tre (4SIXTRE) is located in close proximity of Yonkers, New York, which was the hometown of The Late Legendary Ella Fitzgerald and present Superstar Mary J. Blige and the lox. The previous group; 4Cast which started in 2002 performed throughout Westchester County, and the boroughs of New York City but due to circumstances within 4Cast, the group separated in 2003 and in 2009, Mr. “G” re-birth the Group as 4–6 Tre; which operates under Four Six Tre Entertainment. His main objective is to keep 4Cast alive so he kept some of the same members and brought in a different style of “Hip Hop” integrated with the mixture and rhythm of Reggae, flavored with the smooth sound of R&B like no other.

The musical Innovations of 4-6 Tre is comprised of immense talents of vocals and selected beats and lyrics composed directed by the Group talented leader. The molding of these immeasurable talents began in Grandma’s basement making beats and creating and also singing in the jr and men Gospel Choir at a young age with Grand-daddy; Reverend Charles Coleman who pastored the Little Flower Baptist Church in Harlem, New York. The group foundation is based on the beliefs that God the Almighty is First and He is above all things. The parents including Grand-ma, The Late Mrs. Isabella Coleman, continuously taught this tradition and beliefs at home.

4SIXTRE is motivated and is inspired by families and friends who are Icons in the music industry, such people includes; Swizz Beats (Kasseem Dean), The Late Anthony Williams who sang with The Late James Cleveland and Tramaine Hawkins and The Late Thomas I. Coleman (uncle) who was the Davis Family Community Choir Director.

4-6 Tre as a Group remains fresh, strong, steadfast and dedicated. The Group is grounded based on their beliefs, aspirations and the values they were taught since they where young from the streets and being smart by listening to the older G’z and learned by their mistake.Their approach to music is of a superior and diverse quality delivering it to the ears of the industry. The variety of their music stems from being young African American men flavored with a profound Jamaican heritage and the everyday trials that they encounter.

“We are working hard Day and Night, from year to year on our triumph, we will never give up at what we do and that’s “Music.” We all are Fathers blessed with the most beautiful children and making it happen for them. When our time is up our children will have a legacy to cherish for the rest of their lives. We will never back down; we will continue to trust in God to support us in this long enduring journey. With all that said and done! Four Six Tre is the new sound bringing back the “Real” Essence of Hip-Hop,soul and flavors with the sleek sound of R&B.”

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