Keith Jars - Keith Jars - Twilight & Tranquility (Original Mix) ()

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Keith Jars - Keith Jars - Twilight & Tranquility (Original Mix) - Green Nights Records. The most pure essence of electronic music comes from the hand of "Keith Jars" and his first work for "Green Nights Records" entitled "Twilight & Tranquility". As its title indicates "Keith Jars" brings us to the moment of the twilight with a spectacular atmosphere! ---------- Send your demos from and will form a part of our team of producers. Style: Tech-House, Techno Underground, Deep House, Trance, Dubstep & Chillout. ---------- This lo-fi version of this song / video is currently displayed via the Symphonic Distribution YouTube with full permission from the record label distributing the release. The label and its artist retain all ownership and hereby agree to all of the terms & conditions placed by Symphonic Distribution, the hosting party of this video, and all other terms as listed on their agreement. Please support the label and its artist(s) by purchasing this release via iTunes, eMusic, Rhapsody, and many more of the retailers located worldwide. #audio #Techno #Twilight # #Tranquility #Keith #Jars # #Twilight # #Tranquility #Original #Mix #Keith #Jars #Green #Nights #Records #Twilight #Tranquility #GreenNights

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