Watch Over Me - cover of Synthe's video

Published by Gentleman Overlord

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Hello people of Soundcloud! In my attempting to learn the many styles of music creation, I stumbled upon a Youtube video about making melodic dubstep Aquí: which I thoroughly enjoyed. I copied what the creator Synthe (yes, this person does make dope stuff on Soundcloud) did in order to learn. I then ended up basically putting a song around it with my own little tweest (Twist, I wrote it so you'll read it how it sounded in my head when I was writing this. Deal with it.). Happy with what I done did, I contacted Synthe and they very kindly allowed me to upload this track. Synthe's Soundcloud: Out of respect, I will not be making this downloadable as of now. I forgot to ask. Edit: It is now downloadable. As always, please give, first and foremost, Synthe credit if you use anything from the video or this song, and also me if you use something from only the song. Most importantly, enjoy! -Gus #audio #Melodic Dubstep #Gustep #dubstep #Melodic #beep #beat #drums #bass #wub #weird #dubstep #voice #long #evolving #intro #Cover #easymac #electronic #synth #experimental #tag

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